Vintage Camera Collection

I bought an SLR, a Minolta Maxxum, in 1985. Much like myself, it is now classified as vintage. I recently bought another vintage camera on Ebay and before you know it, I’m collecting. I decided that one of my goals for this collection would be to shoot at least one roll of film, if possible, with each. A project like this requires some cataloging and record keeping. So I created a spreadsheet, a narrative document and a logging system. It also felt like a good place to share this journey would be on this website. I will be storing final, processed files as well as the originals as they come back from the various labs.

I enjoy doing the research but I’m not going to try and be a historical reference although I will include them. I hope to focus on my experiences and perspective, for what that’s worth. Thoughts, criticisms and advice are more than welcome.

The Collection

Presented in the order I tested with film.

Fujica Half

1963 – Late 1960s

Kodak Jiffy Six 20 Series II

1937 – 1948

Minolta Maxxum


Nikkormat FTN

1967 – 1975

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